Cecil’s cubs safe–Parks

The cubs sired by Cecil, the world famous Zimbabwean lion that was recently killed by an alleged American poacher, are safe.

Cecil the lion

Cecil the lion

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority dispelled rumours circulating on the social media that one of the cubs had been killed by a new male lion.
Cecil’s cubs totaling seven belonged to a pride of three females that he headed.
Another pride also comprising three females was headed by another lion, Jericho.
“The one pride (controlled by Cecil) has 7 cubs remaining and were all seen alive and week ending 7/8/2015. That pride originally had 8 cubs born, long before Cecil was illegally hunted, one of them disappeared.
“The Authority can only guess the reason for it to have died but this is quite natural….perhaps hyena or something else. “The remaining cubs have all bonded with Jericho and are at no risk from him,” said the authority in a statement.
The social media talk also claimed that Jericho had abandoned his pride but the authority said that was “just untrue and unfounded at this point.”
“The other pride of three lionesses have been with Jericho lately and are all well. Let us all make efforts to protect Cecil’s cubs by not wishing them dead but alive, we appeal,” said the Parks department.

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