Not practical to return immigrants

EDITOR - There are a lot of immigration bills that have been passed from David Blunkett time to Theresa May’s time. However, none of these bills have made meaningful impact in reducing net migration. Migration is complex and have a lot of factors involved which needs to be analysed effectively from the time someone, somewhere in another country starts thinking of making a journey to Europe.

zimbabwe_passport2It is not as simple as putting a razor wire at the border or talking tough in the media circles but requires carefully planned strategy that clearly address the root causes of migration.
It is staggering to note that some people have suggested that migrants should be immediately returned to their home countries. Logistically this is not practical. These migrants in most cases have no proper documentation for travelling and may not be willing to disclose the true identities of their home countries and this is a very complicated scenario which might take forever to deal with. The fact that someone look like a person from country Z or speak the language of country Z does not necessarily mean that he comes from country Z.
The main issue that has to be addressed is to get as many reasons as possible why migrants decide to make a journey to Europe in the first place and the factor these reasons in strategic planning and decision making. Theresa May should appoint an enquiry into mass movement of people or establish an Immigration Strategic Board with 15 strong and effective members drawn from former illegal immigrants, former asylum seekers, employers association, haulage truck association, solicitors and local authorities. This board will have the aim of coming up with strategic ideas of how to manage migration in an effective humane and sustainable manner.

Handsen Chikowore

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