Nyusi pledges to improve business envitonment

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Monday reaffirmed his government’s commitment to improving the business environment, in order to expand facilities and incentives, so that the private sector may innovate and implement its business plans without expensive and time-consuming bureaucratic procedures.

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi

Speaking at the opening of the 51st edition of the Maputo Trade Fair (FACIM) in Marracuene district, about 30 kilometres north of the capital, Nyusi stressed that the government has recently made improvements in its dialogue with private business.

He was optimistic that this would breathe new life into the existing partnership, and galvanise the role of the private sector as a worthy champion of economic development.

Nyusi repeated his warning that the country that the country should not bank entirely on the foreign investment megaprojects. “I want, once again, to take advantage of this occasion to urge the private sector to invest more in traditional economic activities, such as agriculture, agro-industry, livestock and fisheries, in order to promote the rural areas”, he said.

He wanted to see the private sector add value to the raw materials produced in the country, intervening in the value chain and creating new jobs

Nyusi also encouraged the creation of more cooperatives and economic associations. He hoped that they would “gain critical mass, stimulate economies of scale and solve problems that have proved difficult to solve in isolation”.

He assured private business that the government will remain committed to the search for a creative vision and approach to make natural resources the motive force of sustainable economic and social transformation, and for the promotion of industrialization.

Economic growth, Nyusi added, should create visible improvements in the welfare of the population, favouring inclusive economic growth and the reduction of social inequalities.

FACIM this year is being held under the motto “Promotion of the Economic Potential of Independent Mozambique”. 2,950 companies and institutions are exhibiting, 680 of them foreign.

Nyusi said the presence of so many companies, from the most varied sectors of activity, showed the strategic important of the trade fair as a window display of what Mozambique produces, consumes and exports.

“FACIM is more than a mere exhibition”, said the President. “It is the thermometer that measures the pulse of our economy, reflecting the selfless efforts of Mozambicans to win their economic independence”.

Nyusi, who visited several of the pavilions, and spoke to the exhibitors, declared that “through the products displayed we witness an entrepreneurial spirit”. This was clear in across sectors ranging from agriculture to tourism, from construction to finance, from mining to transport “which shows that the Mozambican economy is becoming more robust and diversified”, he said.

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