Well done Chinamasa!

Thank goodness! Common sense has prevailed over the “stupid” tax on books. We commend Minister Chinamasa for seeing sense and taking action to remove the tax on this vital source of knowledge and information.

Paul Bogaert

Paul Bogaert

Unfortunately common sense is not that common among our government ministers, who seem to think that the dwindling business sector and the ever-shrinking workforce is a cash cow to be milked every time they get a bee in their bonnet about some pet project or other.

The newly-appointed minister for indigenisation is dreaming of levying the already-burdened taxpayers to support his community share trusts. These trusts are supposed to benefit communities but it looks as though they are turning out to be an albatross around the workers’ necks.

It is pertinent to ask: who has been benefitting from the community trusts that have already been set up in some areas? Has this not become just another channel of looting for the well-connected in Zanu (PF)?

It really is astounding that those in positions of authority dream up these schemes when they have no practical idea of how to fund them, and then years later they turn on the hapless private sector and workers to bail them out?

A case in point is the massive Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe debt incurred by dishing out agricultural inputs and implements to so-called new farmers – who we all know are Zanu (PF) fat cats, those in the top ranks of the army and police, senior civil servants and others “lucky” enough to have secured a seat on the party gravy train.

This debt has now been taken over by the state and the workers are burdened with paying it back. The beneficiaries paid nothing. And most of them have produced nothing with the inputs that were given to them. They are now waiting in the queue for more hand-outs for this coming season.

We look forward to the day when our government can come up with schemes, strategies and policies that will result in developments that put money into the pockets of Zimbabweans – instead of forever sucking us like leeches of our last cent to feather their own nests and perpetuate their patronage system.

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