ZUNDE’s Proposal for an effective Grand Coalition

As we approach the end of what was a very turbulent year socially, politically and economically, ZUNDE is proud to put forward its proposal for an effective grand coalition that will extricate our nation from the jaws of dictatorship, economic stagnation and abject poverty.

The coalition we propose will not reverse the gains of our liberation struggle. It’s a coalition that will respect our values, independence, territorial integrity and national security.

The coalition we are proposing will not be just about complaining but putting forward workable alternatives. We cannot continue to wait for Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe to change as this will take centuries. We see our future today and must possess it now.

Our idea of a coalition is one that:

  • takes decisive measures to free our country
  • is not limited to regime change but looks far beyond
  • it is not designed to protect elitist or private interests
  • realises the unity, freedom and development we fought for during the liberation struggle
  • avoids mistakes and failures made in the past through half-hearted and exclusive initiatives
  • is transparent in all its dealings including resource mobilisation and deployment
  • is anchored in values, service and selflessness, not personalities and self-aggrandisement

In making this proposal, we are guided by our core values of fairness, accountability, inclusiveness and respect (FAIR). It is time for Zimbabweans at home and in the Diaspora to underwrite their struggle for democracy, freedom, equality and prosperity without ostensibly or overly depending on outsiders. Anything makes a difference.

ZUNDE consistently argues that all genuine pro-democracy actors are the key stakeholders who must be involved and engaged from the beginning to the end as nothing but equal partners. We must proceed on the basis of openness, honesty and integrity. We strongly discourage secret pacts in any shape or form.

We, therefore, propose that an inclusive and representative coalition team be commissioned in a timely manner which should include the following representation:

  • Stakeholder Council – representatives from business, civil society, war veterans, diaspora communities, traditional leadership, religious groups, workers, farmers, students, women organisations etc. The council will provide both advice and direction to the coalition.
  • Coalition Political Leadership – This should include Presidents of political parties supported by their Deputies, Secretaries Generals and National Chairpersons (rotating chair)
  • Coalition Secretariat – This may be composed of Secretary, Spokesperson and administrative support persons appointed/seconded by all stakeholders.

ZUNDE does not demand to lead the coalition. This is the prerogative of our people. Ultimately, Zimbabweans must determine who and under what circumstances should lead any coalition. However, given a chance by the people, we stand ready to provide capable leadership in partnership with all genuine actors. For now, let the primary focus be on uniting those who genuinely yearn and fight for democracy. It’s time for a practical and genuine coalition.

At ZUNDE we realise that transition to a democracy is a huge challenge that will take time. Zimbabwe will not be a democracy simply because Mr X has won the elections. We can put laws but if people don’t believe in them it won’t work. We have cultures that don’t believe we are all equal and we cannot force them to be democrats overnight. We have people who don’t believe that women and minorities have any rights.

They need to be cultured. We have people who don’t tolerate diversity and they too need time to adjust. Robert Mugabe has taught us that politics is dirty and that the fist settles all scores. Many of our people will need time to unclench their fists.

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