Sustainable strategy on Africa’s aid

Theresa May’s plan to sort out African migrant crisis through handouts is bound to fail dismally.

africa_regions1Aid given to African countries will not necessarily stop the current influx of migrants from Africa. What May is forgetting is that aid did not start yesterday and linking migrant crisis to aid is completely flawed.

I think she is trying to politically manipulate the electorate into thinking that massive aid pumped into Africa will end the current depressing migrant crisis. She should have taken stock of the aid which was pumped into Africa for many years and review its success in developing Africa.

British people who are battered by the pain of deep budget cuts will definitely not see the justification of boasting aid overseas whilst public service face deep cuts. Africa needs fair trade and systems and structures that will permanently lift it up from poverty. I think aid will create dependency syndrome and will not put brakes on mass movement of people.

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