Investing in child refugees’ education

I welcome the solidarity of more than 60 countries and major organisations for gathering together to pump out rescue package for desperate families in refugee camps.

schoolchildrenI am particularly enthused that 6 million refugees will be provided with education which will in essence help them to become independent, confident, self-directed, critical thinkers, professionally competent, reflective practitioners, innovative and, socially responsible. They are the future leaders of Syria and they will play significant roles in the reconstruction of their beloved country.

These children who are innocent in these horrific experiences should be effectively assisted in giving them tools such as education and ensure that their talents, creativity and confidence are fully nurtured. They have suffered more than the vast hell can accommodate in their home country and in lethal journeys that left many children swallowed by the ferocious waves of the sea. Investment in child refugees is a noble idea which have a long term benefits both for the refugees and the host countries. I would like to thank Justin Greening for highlighting the benefits of pulling resources together to give hope to Syrian people who are stained in the debris of unimaginable horrors.

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