ZANU (PF) in fighting bad for national economy

INFIGHTING within the ruling party, Zanu (PF) has reached alarming levels at a time the national economy is on a continuous downward trend.

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

The continued factional fights within the ruling party come at a time Zimbabwe’s economy is currently characterized by massive closure of industries as well as unemployment that has relegated the majority of Zimbabweans into abject poverty.

To add on to this, Zimbabwe is facing a severe food shortage that has seen about 3 million people in urgent need of food aid. Other critical sectors of the economy remain in a dire state as well.

CIZC is concerned that instead of expending their energies on revival of the national economy, ruling party officials have become pre-occupied with factional fights in a bid to ensure their continued stay in political offices while the economy burns.

The factional wars, which have mostly been centered around the First Lady, Grace Mugabe, who has taken every opportunity to lash out at senior government and party officials, have exonerated CIZC’s long held view that Zimbabwe is reeling from the effects of poor political leadership that is characterized by the will to power rather than the will to transform.

CIZC is disturbed that President Mugabe seems oblivious to the damage that the factional fights within his party has on the national economy.

We reiterate that current developments within Zanu (PF) send the wrong signals to potential foreign investors at a time Zimbabwe desperately needs Foreign Direct Investments.

CIZC would like to remind the President that foreign investors are currently shying away from Zimbabwe due to policy inconsistencies and the controversial Indigenization policy and the current fights within his party will only serve to instill more fear and uncertainty among potential foreign investors.

Zanu (PF) has apparently failed to deliver on its 2013 election promises ad it is an insult to the generality of Zimbabweans for the ruling party to focus on petty political fights while the majority wallow in poverty.

CIZC implores President Mugabe to reign in his underlings to ensure the ruling party focuses on reviving the national economy as well as implementing measures that instill confidence among potential investors.

Furthermore , CIZC would like to remind President Mugabe that failure to instill a sense of order within his party will not only impact negatively on the national economy and peoples’ livelihoods but also on civil and political rights as evidenced by the victimsation of ordinary citizens being accused of working in cahoots with perceived opponents of the Zanu (PF) leader.

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