Another break in at Mnangagwa’s office

POLICE in Harare were Tuesday called in to investigate a suspected break in at Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government complex offices, the fifth such incident at the VP’s work place.

Survivor ... VP Emmerson Mnangagwa

Survivor … VP Emmerson Mnangagwa

Details of the break in and investigations were not immediately clear but police were still at Mnangagwa’s offices by midday, heard.

There have been a number of such incidents at Mnangagwa’s office since 2013 with the last one reported last month. Officials then said the burglars gained entry through the roof after drilling the ceiling as the doors and windows were not tampered with. The offices are located on the sixth floor.

Information minister, Christopher Mushowe, then vowed that the government was not going to leave a stone unturned, saying enough was enough but up to this date nothing has been reported on the outcome of the investigation.

Mnangagwa is currently locked in bitter succession battles with rival factions.

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