Boy, 16, stabs man over $1 debt, caned

GWAYI: A 16-year-old boy has been dragged to court for attempted murder after he stabbed a villager over a $1 he owed him.

knife250Godknows Ndlovu, of Gwayi Compound, told the court that the money meant a lot to him because he fends for himself as his stepfather doesn’t take care of him.

“I wanted my money back because I had used all I had to pay my fees. I survive on doing piece jobs as a cobbler, lumberjack and brick moulder to raise money for school fees since my father passed away and my stepfather doesn’t take care of me,” he told Hwange regional magistrate, Dambudzo Malunga, last week.

Godknows pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

Asked why he committed the crime he said: “I had asked for my $1 from the complainant that he owed me. I got angry and manhandled him when he told me he didn’t have. We fought and he overpowered me as he pinned me down.

“I panicked and drew a knife and stabbed him,” said the boy.

The magistrate sentenced him to four strokes with a rattan cane.

In addition, the juvenile was sentenced to two years which were suspended for four years on condition of good behaviour.

The court invited the boy’s mother to testify and she confirmed that her new husband despised her children from her previous marriage.

This prompted Malunga to quiz her on why she “remained in the marriage” wondering if it was “for sexual intercourse”?

The court heard that on August 8, 2015 at around 5PM at Gwayi Business Centre, the juvenile met Mncedisi Dlamini, of Dete and asked for his $1.

“The two had a misunderstanding over the issue and the accused produced a knife and stabbed the complainant once on the back below the left shoulder,” said the prosecutor, Tawanda Sigauke.

Dlamini was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo where he was admitted for some days.


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