Evaluation of seized farms starts, CFU

GOVERNMENT began evaluating farms to determine whether their previous owners should be compensated after they were seized by the state, the Commercial Farmers Union said.

Made announcement in March ... Lands minister Douglas Mombeshora

Made announcement in March … Lands minister Douglas Mombeshora

“We have been in touch with government officials and we welcome government attempts to address the issue of compensation,” the union’s deputy director, Marc Carrie-Wilson, said on Friday. “Government has started to evaluate the farms.”

Lands Minister, Douglas Mombeshora, said on March 14 that the government was considering ways to rectify the treatment of foreign farmers who were evicted from their land after ignoring international treaties on foreign investment during the seizure campaign.

Zimbabwe began taking over commercial farms in 2000, evicting about 3,500 mainly white farmers, of which some were foreign. About 300 remain in Zimbabwe, according to the union, which represents large-scale agriculture.

“We can’t discuss the amount of money until the evaluation is complete, but we have a database that details all farms in the country, including those farms evacuated by their previous owners,” Carrie-Wilson said.

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