Positive change when oppressors start to put their victims first

Dear Editor,

Joice Mujuru launches her new party in Harare.

Joice Mujuru launches her new party in Harare.

I have watched the video of Dr. Joice Mujuru’s launch of her political party, the Zimbabwe People First, and I wonder if people really came first in her heart, and the hearts of other officials of the party unveiled yesterday. I think Dr. Mujuru exposed herself as a wolf in sheep’s clothing in her statement:

“Through our meet the people programme I have met horrifying situations where people have been showing me scars that have been inflicted over the years, and up to now no medical attention has been given to those in order to correct them”
Really, Madam President of the Zimbabwe People First, did people come first to you when you were Vice President of Zimbabwe? Did you not know that people were being butchered by agents of your then party and government? There were many reports of political violence which you were very well aware of, including in your province of origin, Mashonaland Central. Political violence by Zanu PF was not just hearsay, because there were even cases brought before the courts and election results were nullified by the courts due to excessive use of violence by your then party and Government.
Dr. Mujuru, If people really came first to you, why did you not as a Vice President of the nation visit the victims to see for yourself how violent your party and government was? Now those victims come first because you want their votes. So that was your campaign strategy to win people from the MDCs, going around the country and promising, or probably giving your MDC victims some money to get treatment. Introspect and you will probably come to realise that you are exploiting those poor souls who are so desperate economically and spiritually, to the extent they will believe anyone who offers them money and promises to look after their welfare, even when the same person contributed to their plight directly or indirectly. This is vote buying which I am sure is not allowed by the constitution of Zimbabwe.
Dr. Mujuru, I have read a media story that one war veteran who has joined your party in Mhondoro, at a meeting attended by another of your thugs, Brighton Matonga, suggested that your party must first go out and apologise to the masses your the contribution by its officials, including yourself, to the suffering they went through, but it appears from your own statement at the launch of your party that you have decided to use prayer to obliterate your past ills. True, people of Zimbabwe are naturally a prayerful country and can easily be misled by anyone who offers prayers, and you know that very well, and that is the strategy you have adopted to hoodwink the poor, vulnerable and gullible masses. I would encourage you to take the advice of that wise war veteran who suggested an apology first. If I may ask, was prayer used at meetings during your days in Zanu PF?
Dr. Mujuru, there are a number of your comrades in the party who are known for being very ruthless and corrupt. So ruthless they made their regions a no go area for the MDC. Now you want to capitalise on the MDC’s failure to dislodge Mugabe by telling people that these guys (MDC) are hopeless because they have failed to remove Mugabe for over 16 years now, yet it was you and most of the officials in your newly formed Zimbabwe People First who denied people the freedom to vote freely and fairly. Were you not party to that process to deny people their democratic right? All of a sudden you realise that the Zanu PF Government rigs elections.
Dr. Mujuru, if you want respect, please come clean on the issues raised herein.
People of Zimbabwe, welcome these Zimbabwe People First newcomers to the struggle for democracy only if they come clean on why they were non-vocal about the ills perpetrated by their then government which inflicted scars on you over the years. New comers should consult with those who have been in the struggle longer to get a full appreciation of the situation, unless of cause if they already know the situation in their capacity as perpetrators in their previous lives.

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