ZINASU position on diamonds looting.

Bad today’s decisions are an automatic liability to our future as students and young people of Zimbabwe. The ‘disappearance’ of 15 billion dollars diamonds money is just but one of the major tendencies of Zimbabwe’s pathetic and failed state presided over by thieves, robbers masquerading as a president and cabinet. In fact, it is the glory of Robert Mugabe’s over three decade long presidency.

120316070546-pkg-curnow-marange-diamonds-00002418-story-topHow on earth can a whole government fail to explain or account for money that is 4 times bigger than the national budget,15 billion dollars just disappeared? Why then does the finance minister commit a large chunk of our budget to the security sector when they are failing to guard against these thefts of terrorist magnitude?

This corrupt government whose only perfectly implemented policy is toxic extraction of our resources The Zimbabwean state has all but eaten away all the fruits of independence and are eating away independence itself. Modern day slaves are not in chains but are in debt, Zimbabwe is extremely in debt. Clandestine hostile takeover of companies, sale of blood diamonds and murdering of civilians seeking livelihoods opportunities in resource rich areas are all unorthodox strategies used by the government for use for short term contestation of power and habitual externalization of our minerals but has lasting destructive results.

The Zimbabwe National Students Union is strongly against these acts of massive corruption and state facilitated illicit financial outflows which have cost Zimbabwe development opportunity and degenerated into a failed state status. As a means to ensure that the government takes care of our needs and stop prioritizing corruption over education, ZINASU will lead a national day of action across campuses as a means to knock on the doors of conscience of the chancellor president Robert Mugabe.

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