Gushungo bomb: Phone records expose Major Gen

TREASON accused soldier who allegedly attempted to bomb the First Family’s dairy farm early this year Thursday produced phone records showing that he communicated with his boss, Major Mashava.

courtBorman Ngwenya is being charged together with Zimbabwe People’s Front president, Owen Kuchata, Solomon Makumbe and Silas Pfupa.

Ngwenya is denying allegations saying he was acting under the instructions of Mashava who sent him to spy on Kuchata and set a trap after he received a message that the later wanted to do something bad to President Mugabe.

Kuchata was sentenced to nine years imprisonment after own plea of guilty.

The other two accomplices were released before plea which landed the Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana in the dock. They were rearrested and charged with terrorism and banditry.

When the defence case continued Thursday, Ngwenya told court that he was arrested and interrogated about his relationship with Kuchata.

Ngwenya said he told the officers, including Mahachi and Chitimbe, that he met Kuchata on National Defence Forces day last year adding that their relationship was strengthened by the fact that Kuchata started dating his workmate.

He told court that he was released a day after and was then taken to Mashava’s vehicle.

The soldier told court that was when Mashava tasked him to spy on Kuchata and give him information about his party as well as his moves.

“He (Mashava) asked me if it was possible for me to ask Kuchata if I could join his part. I told him that I could convince him into that,” he said.

According to Ngwenya Kuchata accepted him in his party and started planning issues with him.

He told court Kuchata asked him if he could get army uniforms which he intended to use illegally.

They also went to Mugabe’s home area, Zvimba, trying to map how they could attack his property to revenge the suffering of Zimbabweans.

While in Zvimba, Ngwenya said Kuchata also pointed out that he could poison Mugabe’s pigs after they passed by his pig sty.

They also went to Chinese embassy after Kuchata pointed out that they (Chinese) were looting Zimbabwean funds hence need be punished for that.

But when they sat down to discuss the way forward, Kuchata ruled they could not attack Mugabe’s family home as there was tight security there.

He said all the while he would convey Kuchata’s plots to Mashava who encouraged him to continue doing the good work.

Ngwenya told court that Mashava later persuaded him to introduce Makumbe who was also welcomed into Kuchata’s political party.

Their last target was Mugabe’s dairy farm and they also went to survey in preparation for the attack.

He then produced phone records to confirm that he was all the time communicating with Mashava through his mobile. State is, however, yet to respond to the latest exhibit.

Mashava has since disowned Ngwenya’s allegations, saying the soldier was in fact under investigations for involvement in politics.

The trial continues Friday.


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