Missing diamonds: I need my share

MISSING DIAMONDS: I NEED MY SHARE play to premier at theatre in the park Silvanos Mudzvova one man play Missing Diamonds I need my share will premiere at theatre in the park on Wednesday 20 April 2016 at 18hrs.

Zimbabwe-Diamond-Auctionvhitori entertainment the producers of this play decided to  bring one performance to a traditional theatre venue after numerous request from their esteemed fans who wanted to have a feel of it.
Missing Diamonds was created after the president of Zimbabwe openly admitted that the country lost 15 billion dollars to diamond mining companies in chiyadzwa. Silvanos the play wright has been working on a documentary about what he thought was unfair for people of chiyadzwa and zimunya continuous suffering despite millions being mined in their area, but after President Mugabe admission he decided to create a theatre play now instead of a documentary.
The test run of the play at parliament building last week was stopped by overzealous police officers when silvanos was arrested and later released without being charged. The actor was threatened during interrogation by senior police officers but that will not stop him from demanding his share of the missing loot.

Mudzvova is asking critical questions to Government, Chinese embassy, mbada diamonds where is my share? Where the share of the poverty stricken, dust laden, and hunger ravaged rural Zimbabwe? Where is the share of overtaxed   Zimbabwean civil servants? Where is the share of poverty tossed and age eaten war combatants? Where is the share the hawkers who have the spinal cord of the Zimbabwean economy? Where is the share of the Marange, Zimunya community? I want my share!
The play has already received two international invitations before it even premiers said mudzvova” we have been invited to show case the play at Bergen Afro Arts Festival, 16th – 18th of June 2016 in Bergen, Norway” so this Wednesday performance at theatre in the park is the only chance Zimbabwe traditional theatre audience have before it goes internationally.
Mudzvova insists the mission of the play hasn’t changed of taking the play to lawmakers of the country and the perpetrators of the 15 billion diamond money loot, The Parliament of Zimbabwe and the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe as well Mbada Diamonds.

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