Political slogans don’t till the land

Farmers should take agriculture more seriously and concentrate on the land. They should desist from politics because political slogans do not till the land, the Midlands Provincial Agritex officer, Peter Chamisa told the Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) national executive, facilitators and government heads of departments during a one day Provincial Inception Workshop held at Fairmile Hotel in Gweru on Wednesday.

maize-dried-corn“You are farmers and your strength is in Agriculture. Farmers should leave politics alone because slogans don’t till the land,” said Chamisa.

“We had a problem that when we implemented the land reform programme even vendors queued for land because then we were used to queuing for everything,” he said.

Chamisa encouraged farmers to increase their productivity in terms of quality and quantity in order to tap into major commercial markets and also to form Commodity Associations for easier marketing.

He lamented the fact that cellphone farming has become so rampant that some farmers are now known for their intellectual laziness as they spend more time politicking and writing clever political slogans than they do working tirelessly on their land.

During the workshop, Shurugwi District Administrator, Joram Chimedza said that people no longer viewed farming as a business and that too many people had grabbed land for residential purposes and not for farming. Chimedza said it is high time that farmers start taking farming seriously and viewing it as a business.

He advised that he believed that people needed to go back to the days when farming was viewed as a business. As things stand now people need an ideological change and need to get rid of their present mentality.

Although Chimedza conceded that most people had benefited from the land reform, he also stressed that the majority never took the land for farming. They had been looking for land to reside on and to appease their ancestors.

“We are doing a disservice to the government and to the President because today we are the laughing stock of the international community, begging for food when we have hectares upon hectares of land that we are doing nothing with.”

ZFU also donated 30 bicycles and three motorbikes to its facilitators in the Midlands Provinces. Present was ZFU President Retired Major Abdul Credit Nyathi, his second Vice President Philip Huwa, District Administrators and several other dignitaries.

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