Thabo Wins HCA Independence Chess tourney

Elisha Thabo won the open section of the Harare Chess Association's inaugural chess tournament dubbed the independence chess open. the tourney hosted the veterans Miles Cochrane and Svinurai Chakurira the former chess greats.

cbc-bulawayo-chess-6645Elisha Thabo overcame Svinurai Chakurira in round 3 before winning against Anesu Masimba in the final round to cap a fine performance in the tournament winning with 6,5 points out of 7 games of play. The tourney was hosted at Ambassador hotel from the 23-24th of April. Zhemba Jemusse came a close second with 6 points out of 7 games, he drew two games and won five. Among the five games was a controversial games in round 6 which he played against Elisha Chimbamu whom he eventually beat on time after there was a misunderstanding on the chess board.
He had touched his Queen and upon seeing that he was to loose an important pawn , said adjust but the very active HCA member who was close -by had to rescue the situation. In the final round Zhemba played against Svinurai Chakurira, but he won after a pulsating end game when he had a mating net in which he salvaged the veteran’s Queen.
Chakurira nearly ran away with a draw , but after his checks were finished it was pay back time and he lost eventually to an alert Zhemba who seized the opportunity. Kudakwashe Sibanda came third position with 5,5 points, he was tied with Terence Mukovhiya with same number of points. Gift Sithole, Miles Cochrane, Albert Maketo Mugove Muririma and Armstrong Shonhiwa were all tied on the fifth position with five points.
Miles Cochrane played well and never lost a single game in this tourney only drawing 4 games against Gift Sithole who he fauiled to beat in a blitz finish and had to capture the last pawn to draw, Masimba Anesu, Mukovhiya Terence, and Gora Tapiwa are the other players he drew against.He beat Tawanda Pondo, Benjamin Kandido and Charles Pwere.Chakurira defeated Albert Maketo, Isaac Chivende, Tribulation Motsi and Mugove Muririma making him the best player with 5 points on bucholtz. It seems the veteran is now coming out of his reteirement to come and challenge the youngsters.
The veterans are now very eager to play more tournies and want to show the young ones how the good game is played producing some of the very important games of the tourney. The open section had 58 players. The best scholars were Roy Mwadzura and Graffi best both with 4 points out of 7 games. Coincidentally they are from the same school Oriel boys High school.The winner of the open section also won a Huawei Tablet as well as a trophy and some cash $150 cash.
Zhemba won $100 a chess clock and a medal for his exploits.The other players up to the fifth position also walked away with something.

In the ladies section Refiloe Mudodo the young girl in grade 5 won the section with 6 points out of 7 games of play. She only lost to Termaine Chizikani before pulling the trigger against all her opponents who included Paidaishe Zengeni among other strong players. The young lady is doing very well and showing a lot of improvement in the game.
Termaine Chizikani was second with 5,5 points, while Paidaishe Zengeni was third with 5 points.Namalungelo Mathe, Tatenda Zengeni and Linda Shaba were all tied on 4th position with 4,5 points.In the ladies section 20 players took part and the competition was very interesting as the ladies fought for the coveted prizes.Refiloe won a Huawei tablet and some cash as well as a trophy for her efforts. The other players won some cash and chess sets from position two to four.
The partners who made it possible are Mr Madamombe Chenjerai of the Zimbabwe Chess foundation and Huawei.The tournament Director was IA Simbarashe Murimi who was assisted by FA Gumbe and FA- elect Lordwell Charumbira. Meanwhile in the under 13 boys section Rufaro Chikaka, Takunda Mutyasira and Tinashe Philemon were all tied on first place but Chikaka won it on buchcoltz.
They all had 5,5 points out of the seven rounds of play. Tinaye Madamombe came fourth with 5 points out of seven rounds of play. The section had 24 players. Judging by the number of players that took part the tourney was a success and the players were left asking for more. What a successful tourney it was.
Meanwhile on the international scene IM Rodwell Makoto was tied on the first position with IM Daniel Jere and IM Chitumbo Mwali in the PSS Rapid chess tourney. In a blitz tournament also palyed in Jozi IM Makoto came second in a star-studded field infested with Zambians , our own chess sensation is doing his level best. Well done to IM Makoto for the exploits!!

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