The indigenisation circus continues

Its April fool’s day today and I think we in Zimbabwe continue to redefine what foolishness truly is. The indigenisation circus continues with the chief clown, Patrick Zhuwao, after having announced to the whole world that companies will face imminent closure of they do not comply by today now claims that he has consulted widely and now thinks otherwise.

Vince Musewe

Vince Musewe

Now that is the very problem we have with ZANU (PF) inconsistency and their inability to think before they speak. Each time a minister comes out and announces such a far reaching policy position without consulting widely and trying to anticipate or circumvent the negative unintended consequences of his actions, we increase perceived country risk and kill off any confidence building measures that may be in play.

Once more, this displays the incompetence of leadership within ZANU (PF) which is now clearly visible starting from the very top.

PDP insists that firstly, we do not need a Minister of Indigenisation at all and second, we do not need an Indigenisation Act in these times of desperate social and economic conditions.

We need to focus on creating jobs first and that requires investment capital so that we can lift the millions of Zimbabweans out of poverty. But these jobs can only be created in a stable environment with policy clarity and consistency. Surely that is no so difficult to understand?

As PDP, we look forward to the day we take over this government so that, for once, Zimbabweans can be assured that they have competent and responsible leaders who think before they act. The sooner that happens the better.

Another Zimbabwe is possible.

Vince Musewe

PDP Secretary for Finance and economic Affairs

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