Tsvangirai blasts Chiwenga, Charamba

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has blasted service chiefs for coming out in support of Zanu PF.

Say MDC a threat to national security ... National ZRP spokesperson, Charity Charamba

Say MDC a threat to national security … National ZRP spokesperson, Charity Charamba

Tsvangirai was addressing a press conference in Harare Wednesday.

The former premier said Army Commander, General Constantine Chiwenga, has openly shown his bias towards Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF at the expense of citizens who are routinely brutalized by the regime which otherwise should be protecting them.

He also took a swipe at the national police spokesperson, Charity Charamba, whom he blamed for several cases of harsh treatment of innocent people who are struggling to survive and express themselves in a stifling environment.

“The army and police should protect civilians and not threaten them as we see today. When are Zimbabweans going to be free from this kind of torture? Is this the independence some people fought for,” he said.

Tsvangirai said what Chiwenga and other service chiefs were doing was against the national Constitution and appealed to Mugabe to ensure his service chiefs and ministers upheld the law.

At the burial of both Vivian Mwashita and Victoria Chitepo, recently, Chiwenga appeared to confirm his full commitment to the party as opposed to the state and therefore the people.

In response to Charamba’s threats against the MDC-T, Tsvangirai said he was not moved by her claims. The MDC-T leader said his party has previously won elections several times and for Charamba to try and destroy such a popular party would be difficult considering the state of affairs at Zanu PF.

“MDC-T is not a threat to national stability as opposed to what the police have said. We are not going to abide by the unconstitutional views of the police.

“Charamba should concentrate on protecting civilians and not threaten the MDC,” said Tsvangirai.

Recently, former Vice President, Joice Mujuru, warned Army Generals not to meddle in politics and civilian matters as this would result in chaos.

The country’s military establishment has been the pillar of Mugabe’s rule and is seen as the reason for his un-willingness to leave office. The generals have never hidden their support for Mugabe and his Zanu PF, at one time declaring that they were not going to salute anyone without liberation war credentials.

Their declaration, in 2002, was interpreted to mean they were not going to bow to Tsvangirai even if he won the election against Mugabe, a former guerrilla leader.


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