Money wasted on the Million-man March


President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe

So we read that the long planned million-man march is gathering momentum, and that some sections of Zanu PF youth are highly excited about the impending event meant to demonstrate support for the incumbent Zimbabwean President, geriatric Robert Mugabe. Even war veterans who had tried to either distance themselves or block the march are now said to have been wiped into line. A few interesting questions come to mind regarding the real reason for the march when Mugabe is not in opposition; where the money to bring in one million people from all over Zimbabwe to Harare; and whether the money to be abused in the process could not be used to benefit poor Zimbabweans elsewhere.

The guess for most people would be that some government money will be used – directly and indirectly; poor Zimbabweans will be forced to contribute towards the costs; and civil servants will be forced to contribute towards the costs. All three scenarios are highly probable.
Old Robert Mugabe claims he was popularly elected in 2013, so why should he need a show of support from his “loyal” supporters? The man needs to be delivering on his election promises and must be focusing on the looming starvation, the currency shortage inflicting the country and a host of many other urgent things needed to improve the lives of Zimbabwe. Any demonstration by anyone in Zimbabwe at this stage should rather be to press Old Robert Mugabe to fulfil his election promises and to extricate the suffering Zimbabweans out of their misery, not to support an old man who is failing the nation.
Recent media reports informed the world of the large amounts of unpaid fees of children of the war veterans, yet war veterans are now planning on joining this march which will waste even more money, and then expect their welfare to be addressed. Some people are just brainwashed.
Wake up and smell the coffee war veterans and Zanu PF youth. You shouldn’t cause resources to be wasted on a President who is well past his use by date; a President who has failed to rein in on corruption which has caused you so much suffering.
The best thing to do is to call off that million-man march and divert any resource that could be used on productive activities.

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