ZAPU: Liar Bob must resign over cash crisis

THE Zimbabwe African Peoples Union (ZAPU) has challenged President Robert Mugabe to admit that he has “dismally” failed to run the country and resign.

Introducing bond notes ... RBZ governor John Mangudya

Introducing bond notes … RBZ governor John Mangudya

ZAPU said this Sunday in response to the announcement by the Reserve Bank last week that the central bank was going to introduce bond notes as a cash crisis counter measure.

Jacob Dube, ZAPU Treasurer General and Finance Secretary, responsible for resource mobilization, told in Harare Sunday that it was “now” for the veteran Zimbabwe leader to quit.

“We, the stakeholders in Zimbabwe, have lost all confidence in Zanu PF because they have failed dismally to deliver on promises made over the years hence the death of the country’s economy. Zanu PF has ruined the economy in the past, and it will continue doing so unless it is stopped quickly,” he said.

“The ruling elite must swallow their pride, allow other authentic political parties, the civil society, consult the generality of Zimbabweans not party functionaries who survive on patronage, to get together to discuss the way forward.

“Unlike the National Constitutional Assembly party which is calling for nationwide anti-bond notes protests, ZAPU says a national dialogue is an alternative solution to the economic crisis.

“A national Indaba is needed urgently to deliberate on what should be done,” Dube said.

“Great human beings are those that accept failures, allow restoration of normalcy, and allow diverse views which are an enrichment of ideas through cross fertilization.”

ZAPU said Mugabe was a “great liar” and would continue to take Zimbabweans for a ride if he remained unchallenged.

“In the recent past we were told of mega deals involving investments from China, Russia, Dangote and others which would see the rapid growth of the economy; we were forced marched to implementing the ZimAsset policy which has suffered a stillbirth as most of the Zanu PF policies have done: ESAP, ZIMPREST, look East Policy and others – the longest route to the west!!

“The ZimAsset mantra has been the most talked about and yet it has also been the biggest white elephant of recent times,” said the Dumiso Dabengwa led Party.

“The economy continues to deteriorate. This is because the foundation has been built on sand with the promoters, who are the Zanu PF government, lacking capacity, credibility as well as clarity thus creating a serious confidence crisis,” said Dube.

Dube said the RBZ was another Mugabe propaganda instrument.

He added, “The statement on bond notes was full of fury and thunder but missed the point of the real cause and attempted to deal with the effect.”

“I know that governor John Mangudya knows very well the cause of our crisis but pretended otherwise. The problem being that we have surrendered our destiny to an incompetent and greedy ruling elite”.

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