Mugabe must be impeached for aiding and abetting corruption

The MDC is deeply concerned that despite a flurry of exposition of corruption involving state enterprises, senior government officials, including Cabinet Ministers and their cronies, the Zanu PF regime fronted by President Robert Mugabe has completely and utterly failed to decisively deal with the scourge of corruption. Infact, the regime actually is protecting these criminals.

Stop_corruptionMore disturbing is the fact that these corrupt deals are of a massive scale involving billions of United States dollars prejudicing taxpayers and the general public of Zimbabwe of their investments and the desired livelihoods. Despite the suffering this evil practice has brought upon the people of Zimbabwe, Mugabe seems to be inherently incapacitated to plug the rot.

What is more worrying is that while it is evident that corruption has decimated the fabric of our society, and destroying the economy and people’s lives, Mugabe‘s intransigency on the matter is shockingly unacceptable and cannot be tolerated a day longer. Apparently it is emerging that his office is in fact deeply implicated in these unscrupulous deals. The involvement of Mugabe’s close relatives vindicates this assertion and Mugabe must be forced to resign.

The  sad state of affairs where government officials, their cronies and relatives embark on an unmitigated jamboree to wipe out state coffers is not only patently evil but grossly inhumane and unpardonable. It is the impunity with which those implicated continue to subject this nation to untold suffering that this scourge must be stopped.

This is despite report after report from the Auditor General’s Office has pointed to the gross abuse of authority by members of Mugabe’s regime, through a culture of poor corporate governance. Coupled with this, the regime’s government has dismally failed to implement proper revenue recovery strategies or come up with a plausible turnaround strategy to ameliorate the disaster the nation has fallen into.

It is sad that currently, millions of our people are living in acute frustration, hopelessness and poverty and a lot are dying from preventable diseases with a multitude fleeing to neighbouring  countries to escape the disaster created by Mugabe’s regime.

Despite Zimbabwe having vast natural resources and a huge human capital, Mugabe has dismally failed to manage and develop this country and therefore must go immediately to avert a human catastrophe in Zimbabwe. It has come to us that the greatest crisis in Zimbabwe is not disease, hunger or poverty but corruption under the failed regime of Robert Mugabe. Therefore, Mugabe should simply  leave office immediately. There is no other viable solution to the socio-economic catastrophe that is currently engulfing Zimbabwe.


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