Need $15bn clue? Ask Perm Sec Gudyanga

MUTARE: Mines permanent secretary, Professor Francis Gudyanga, is the best person to explain how as much as $15 billion from diamonds proceeds vanished as he is the most strategic and connected ministry official, a notable researcher has said.

Professor Gudyanga knows better ... Farai Maguwu

Professor Gudyanga knows better … Farai Maguwu

Centre for Natural Resources Governance (CNRG) Director, Farai Maguwu, said this during a Manicaland Alternative Mining Indaba which was organized by the Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association (ZELA) and held in the eastern border city on Friday.

Maguwu said Gudyanga has links with the Dubai Diamond Exchange, a subsidiary of Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC).

“He is a director in those institutions and they don’t own diamond mines. These institutions buy diamonds from poor countries at low value by weakening internal controls. For example, they buy at $49 per carat and resell at $150 per carat. Gudyanga is the one who decides where to sell diamonds in Zimbabwe.

“In 2014, he turned down the Antwerp Belgium tender, opting to sell diamonds in Dubai. He is the chairperson of the ZCDC and makes decisions on where to sell the germs. He must have answers with regards to the missing billions. We should not expect much from him because he is compromised,” said Maguwu.

He said Zimbabweans should not expect much from the consolidation of mines in Chiadzwa diamond fields as boards running the affairs of the recently formed Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company are (ZCDC) stuffed with corrupt individuals.

Government recently withdrew operation licences for mining firms that were operating in Marange citing lack of transparency and corruption. The affected mines include Mbada Diamonds, Jinan, Anjin Investments, Kusena, Diamond Mining Company (DMC) and Russian owned DTZ-OZGEO.

Government merged the companies to form ZCDC, saying the move was meant to improve transparency.

“Don’t expect a lot because there is corruption of the highest order in Marange. I have been tracing activities in Marange since the appointment of Walter Chidhakwa as mines minister and Professor Francis Gudyanga as permanent secretary. All I see is corruption,” said Maguwu.

He added: “Gudyanga dissolved the boards of Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) and the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) and imposed himself as chairperson these boards.


“The law is clear, it says you cannot be an acting board chairperson for parastatals for more than three months but this is 2016 and Gudyanga is still acting. It’s quite surprising he is the chairperson of the Mining Affairs board which MMCZ reports to,” said Maguwu.

He said the board chairpersons of parastatals under the Ministry of Mines must be chosen by a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and have their names forwarded to Parliament for considerations.

“Their job as mines officials is to choose names and forward them to Parliament. What is the role of parliament in the country then when some people are imposing themselves on positions,” said Maguwu.


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