The MDC is a social democratic political party whose ideology is bench-marked on working class solidarity and empathy.We are basically a party of the poor and down-trodden of society.As such,the MDC is deeply concerned and indeed,disturbed,by the Zanu PF regime's decision to ban the importation of basic goods and commodities into the country.The recent disturbances at the Beitbridge border post are of major concern to us as a social democratic political party that invariably leans to the left when it comes to ideological inclination.

Obert Gutu

Obert Gutu

The Zanu PF regime bungled in a very big way when it imposed the ban on the importation of basic goods and commodities.It is a notorious fact that more than 85% of Zimbabweans survive within the informal sector largely because industries and factories have since been closed following upon decades of Zanu PF misrule,unprecedented corruption and rampant mismanagement of the economy.Millions of Zimbabweans have been reduced to vendors and cross-border traders in order to eke out a living.

The Zanu PF regime shouldn’t have imposed a blanket ban on the importation of basic goods.An MDC government would,instead,have hiked duty on imported goods and commodities instead of banning the importation of the same.A blanket ban on the importation of basic goods would almost invariably invite retaliatory measures as has been evidenced by the demonstrations that took place at Beitbridge border post on Friday,July 1,2016.

The MDC stands in solidarity with cross-border traders and transporters who are simply fighting for their livelihoods.We call upon the Zanu PF regime to immediately lift the blanket ban on the importation of basic goods and commodities.


Obert Chaurura Gutu

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