Treading with caution when dealing with war vets

Yes,the war vets have vehemently attacked Mugabe of late,but I see them as a group of very selfish people . Now that Mugabe has nothing anymore to give them ,they decide to ditch him. When he gave them $50k each,they were praise singers.

war veterans marchWar vets are the ones who messed up the agricultural sector with their senseless invasion of white farms,killing grabbing the farms and in some cases killing the innocent farmers. What more do they want now ?  I view them as a bunch of hypocrites. They want Munangarwa to take over so that he too might give them something, these people are just fighting for their own skins only and not for the good of everyone.

To me, Munangarwa is not different from Mugabe, its like running away from a python only to land in the jaws of a crocodile. Personally, I suggest that all opposition leaders sell their ideas to the electorate & we the masses will elect the man/woman to lead the grand coalition, kwete vega pachavo, they will never agree. War vets should also be invited to participate,because it will be a national progranme.

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