MANDI CHIMENE, By What Authority Are You Doing These Things!

The Zimbabweans should not take the attack on Vice President Mnangagwa by Manicaland Provincial Affairs Minister Mandi Chimene lightly. Under normal circumstances, Mr. Mugabe should have used his powers to terminate Chimene on the same day of the attack. Media reports are that, Chimene could have been under the control of dhunhanga (marijuana) when she lambasted the Vice President.

Hon-Chimene-Mandi-15The purpose of this article is to mobilize Zimbabweans across the political divide to call for the resignation of Chimene and to support the view that, Mr. Mugabe is the source of ALL confusion in ZANU PF. If the Vice President of the nation is embarrassed, it means that the citizens of that nation are also undressed.

In as much as I hate ZANU PF government to the bone,   what Chimene did was unacceptable and it supports the view that, Mr. Mugabe is behind ALL the chaos in ZANU PF. How can a minister humiliate the Vice President of the nation under the watch of the President and the media? This is a clear indication that, ZANU PF government is relying on the rule of the jungle.

The attack on the Vice President did not start with Chimene, Sarah Mahoka Hurungwe East Member of Parliament also undressed the Vice President and the nation before Mr. Mugabe. Mr. Mugabe remained quiet as usual.

Chimene should know that, Vice President of the Republic is not the Vice President of ZANU PF. We feel embarrassed as Zimbabweans and let us all bury our political differences and condemn Chimene. We should take this as a serious national issue rather than political.

Who Gave Chimene Authority?

I am 152.99% that Mr. Mugabe gave Chimene authority to speak, how can a minister like Chimene attack the Vice President of a country before a ‘normal’ President? If Mr. Mugabe was not aware, Chimene could have been terminated by now.

The former ZANU PF youth leader Godfrey Tsenangamu is another living testimony. He told the world that, Joyce Mujuru’s downfall was stage managed by Mr. Mugabe and I am waiting for Mr. Mugabe to tell the Zimbabweans his position. We were also told that Joyce Mujuru wanted to kill the 92 year old President.

Massive arms cache were found in a farm owned by ZAPU company called Nitram (Pvt) Ltd and Mr. Mugabe was quoted on 7 February 1981 by Sunday Mail as blaming Joshua Nkomo for planning to overthrow the government, an accusation which Nkomo rejected. If we are to go by Godfrey Tsenangamu’s allegations, chances are that, ZANU PF and Mr. Mugabe were the ones who stage managed the event.

The rule of the jungle did not start today in ZANU PF government, soon after the exposition of arms cache at Ascot farm, the then State Security Minister Mnangagwa also behave like Chimene before Dr. Joshua Nkomo who was a coalition partner of Mr. Mugabe. Mr. Mnangagwa is said to have boarded the same plain with Mr. Nkomo to Bulawayo but never even bothered to tell Mr. Nkomo about his mission. Mr. Mnangawa later addressed the media at Ascot farm telling the world that, Mr. Nkomo was planning to overthrow the government.

The Days of Chimene & Mahoka Are Numbered

Chimene and Mahoka are still relying on outdated tricks of ZANU PF and they should know that, their days are numbered and Zimbabweans are not ignorant. ZANU PF is already out of active politics and it is therefore good for them to apologies before the Vice President and our Nation.

They should learn from Godfrey Tsenangamu, he spoke his mind and I personally accepted his forgiveness on behalf of Joyce Mujuru.

Chimene and Mahoka should be charged for treason, attacking the Vice President means attacking the nation of Zimbabwe. I felt embarrassed and Chimene should be accountable to her actions.


Zimbabweans should call for the resignation of Chimene as a minister and I am appealing to opposition forces and TAJAMUKA to pile pressure on MR. Mugabe and Chimene. I am also calling upon Mr. Mugabe to clear the air on Godfrey Tsenangamu saga. ZANU PF supporters including the War Vet should think outside the box and resist Mr. Mugabe’s outdated tricks.

Silas Memory Madondo is a lecturer and a Mixed Methods Researcher and can be conducted via [email protected]

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