Mugabe your time is up!

Once upon a time you were a hero, admired by every Zimbabwean. You stood out even among other African leaders, you were the head of one of the best countries in the continent, a country that shone an example of prosperity in Africa. We even sang songs about you wishing long life and strength, little did we know that hero will soon turn into villain.

president-robert-mugabe-img_9304-10You have reduced what was once the bread basket of Africa to one of the poorest countries not  just in Africa but in the world. You have turned your own people into beggars scattered in every part of the world.

The country’s health system has nearly collapsed while you and your family get medical attention abroad. Anyone who dares lift up their head to speak out against these evils you shut them in the prison or simply make them disappear. Zimbabwe belongs to Zimbabweans, it is not your family business.

Zimbabweans are tired of being tortured in their own homeland. Mugabe it is time for you to step down and let the country be run in a democratic, civilised way by a government chosen by the people of Zimbabwe. We are tired of your corruption and injustice Mugabe!

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