An Update on Human Rights Violations in Zimbabwe

Week ending (30-09-16)


Area Outlook Situation


Mazowe ward 12 Moderate On 23 September 2016, ZANU PF Councillor, Night Muzhira, dispatched a team into the ward that was compiling list of fertilizer beneficiaries. The people who only identified themselves as AGRITEX Officers openly told villagers that Muzhira had given them the directive that no opposition member should anticipate receiving food aid or fertiliser in the area since they were in the habit of boycotting his meetings. Villagers were also told that if they continued boycotting his meetings, he will soon give a directive to ZANU PF youths in the area who will force march them to his meetings.



Mazowe ward 13 Tense On 29 September 2016, unknown ZANU PF youths from Sunridge farm in Mazowe Central stormed the homestead of Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) member, Rambai Lumbe and started sloganeering and singing. They accused Lumbe of “selling out” because he chose to support opposition party, ZPF. This incident came a day after ZANU PF carried a similar act on 27 September 2016, at the homestead of another ZPF member, Esrita Mutsindikwa. The youths threatened the ZPF members with eviction from the area if they continued supporting the opposition party. No police report has been made so far.



Muzarabani ward 2 Moderate On the 24th of September 2016, ZANU PF Councillor, Oliver Ururu called for a meeting at Gumbochena Primary school. At the meeting, Ururu told all Village heads present that they should stop including MDC-T members on the list of people who take part in the food for work programme in the area. He said this will “teach them a lesson” to know who they should vote for in the 2018 elections. The Village heads who were present at the meeting are Elias Dzonya, David Bako and Raymond Kamudyariwa. The meeting was also attended by ZANU PF Chairperson of the ward, Charles Mapungu.



Buhera West Tense On the 27th of September 2016, 4 soldiers in plain clothes from Buhera Headquarters assaulted Mr Mauru from Buhera ward 4 at Buhera business centre for wearing an MDC-T shirt. The soldiers started following the victim who was going to Buhera business centre. When the man realised that he was being followed, he ran and sought refuge at Kudenga motor garage that is located at the business centre. The soldiers followed him there and started assaulting him in full view of people accusing him of trying to mobilise people at the business centre to demonstrate against the government. After the assault, the soldiers drove away in a white Toyota vehicle which had no number plates.



Guruve  ward 21 Tense On 25 September 2016, a group of ZANU PF youths armed with axes stormed Mutambara farm in Guruve. The farm is partly owned by Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) member, Agrippa Mutambara and other war veterans in the area. The ZANU PF youths were led by ZANU PF youths who were only identified as Gava and Kagande. When they arrived at the farm, the youths held hostage war veteran, Siriyo Mureya and accused him of being a member of ZPF. The ZANU PF tied him with a rope and held him hostage inside the farm house. When other ZPF youths in the area were alerted of what was happening, they rushed to the farm. Upon arrival, they realised that the ZANU PF youths had set alight a Ford ranger truck belonging to ZPF. The youths also assaulted Former Ambassador Mutambara and several ZPF youths who had tried to rescue Mureya. The ZANU PF youths also smashed windows of a Land Cruiser vehicle. The matter was reported at Guruve police station and no arrests have been made so far. Mutambara and the ZPF youths sustained serious injuries.



Harare Moderate On September 27, 2016, a group of youths who were claiming to be vendors moved around in the Central Business Centre (CBD) throwing stones at shops and passer-byes. As the youths went on rampage, police appeared reluctant to make any arrests. During the incident, the youths also stoned the National Vendors’ Union of Zimbabwe (NAVUZ) offices. While that was going on, riot police was harassing people and firing teargas at Harvest House, the MDC-T headquarters in Harare. On the same day at around 22:30, Kudakwashe Kambakunje, the Harare chairperson for NAVUZ was abducted and brutally assaulted by unknown assailants who were driving two vehicles with no number plates. Kambakunje was abducted at the corner of Nkwame Nkrumah avenue and Chinhoyi street. Kambakunje was only found on 28 September 2016 badly injured close to a farm along old Mazowe road.

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