Bond notes are daylight robbery…

They are the joke of the year. The economy is struggling as it is but for someone to imagine that they can put their picture and a number on a piece of paper and then call it money is total madness. This so called money will only cause inflation to spiral in the country and lead to the utter destruction of the already ailing economy.

bonddnotes 550How did the idea come about in the first place?  Nothing but greed on the part our lawless leaders caused all this. Citizens put their money into the bank which is normal for any citizen of any country. The bank in turn asked the reserve bank to look after the money while the citizens didn’t need it yet. When our greedy leaders saw huge sums of money just sitting in the reserve bank, they started looting as usual until the reserve stores ran dry. So when the citizens wanted their money back there was no money to give them!
Our leaders hope to solve the problem by printing valueless  pieces of paper with numbers on them and calling them notes to replace the money they stole. This is nothing but daylight robbery! Give us back our money with the value that we put it into the bank with. You used our money to build your selves mansions and buy yourselves and children the only new cars in the country. You send your children to schools abroad. You have fat accounts with overseas banks. You have even been caught trying to smuggle money out of the country. We say no to being robbed, we want our dollars back the way we put them in the bank, you can keep your bond money for yourselves and your children!

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