Every Gukurahundi victim needs a decent reburial at Government’s expense

Dear Editor,

gukurahundiThe granting of the authority to exhume for reburial in a decent place the remains of Professor Moyo’s late father is a landmark development which sets a a precedence.
I have no doubt in my mind that may families who lost ther beloved ones during Mugabe’s moment of madness would want their relatives reburied n family cemetaries alongside other family members. I want to believe that most of the families who lost their beloved ones had always wished their they be buried on family cemetaries, but did not have the hope that their requests woud be entertained, the resources to follow the necessary steps or even the knowledge that it is possible.
Indeed, resources will be a limiting factor for many families who may wish to have their beloved one re-buried, but the Mugabe regime wo caused the deaths in the first during Mugabe’s moment of madness must foot the bill. It may be difficult to identify the remains where people were buried in mass graves, but I guess DNA verfication can still be carried out.
Please join me in encouraging people who lost their beloved one to approach Government on this issue. And thank you to the Moyo family for setting the precedence.

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