Jonathan Moyo living up to his party’s standards

In as far as Zimbabwe is concerned,the seperation between state and party is as blur as that o; gold and brass to the eye.

Much hype has been raised over the past weeks,first with the appointment of Simba Chikoore as Chief of operations at Air Zim and most recently the alleged fraud case involving Jonathan Moyo.                         

It is surprising though ,that many have started questioning such happenings now when in fact it is nothing new to Zimbabwean politics. Zanu pf has always allocated itself state resources to further its campaigns and the fact that it has behaved itself as a dynasty is no new phenomenon.Besides,what new rights has the supposed docile citizens acquired that they can start questioning this now.

If anything is to be learnt from the ZACC case on Jonathan Moyo,it is the fact that Zanu pf will not prosecute itself .Since the funds were used on a million man march,the means justifies the end. A similar trend happened with the RBZ tractors which  where allocated at Grace Mugabe rallies as if to imply there were party property,whereas the machines were meant for use and access by citizens regardless of political affiliation.

The proposed placement of the anti-corruption board under the presidential office means its operations can no longer be independent from the executive.It also means the principle of separation of powers is diluted towards a more dynastic approach.Instead of the judiciary investigating Moyo and other would be corrupt parties,a more direct approach has been taken to safe-guard against future embarrassments.The impartiality of ZACC is another tragedy,thanks to the nutty professor.

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