Professor Moyo commended for admitting he is corrupt, must name and shame

Dear Editor,

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo

Zimbabweans have experienced a very rare development where a cabinet minister admits he corruptly diverted public funds to buy votes. Professor Jonathan Moyo therefore, but his own admission, has to be quickly arrested and tried for both stealing public funds and treating the electorate for purposes of buying votes ahead of the 2018 elections.

Infact, Professor Moyo,third crime will be obstructing the course of justice, because for all these years he has been aware of, but has been withholding of the murders and coss border diamond thieves who have ruined our beloved country. Rather that provide the evidence to his Excellency, Comrade Mugabe, the police and other necessary organs of the state including the police, the Anti-Corruption Commission, Professor is avoiding naming the individuals involved in corrupt practice like him,
Professor Moyo, please tell it all without fear or favour.

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