Hyenas destined for China – Update

The 8 hyenas that were captured on Hwange as per our last report were transported to Harare by 3 Chinese men and were trying to export them out of the country by having them loaded on an aeroplane at Harare International Airport on Thursday 3rd November 2016.

One of the captured Hyena in Hwange.

One of the captured Hyena in Hwange.

The Chinese men were stopped by the Customs and Excise for trying to export the hyenas with fraudulent paperwork. The animals were in a poor state of health with cuts and grazes on their bodies from being transported in unsatisfactory cages. The hyena have been impounded and were released at a sanctuary close to the airport. One of the hyenas have managed to escape which will cause a huge problem to the residents in that area.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Zimbabwean Customs and Excise for carrying out their duties and preventing these animals from being loaded.

About 2 weeks ago in Hwange, two of the captured baby elephants have died from starvation and thirst due to neglect. We are expecting these animals to be sent to their destination in the next week. We have had confirmation that the captured elephants are destined for Shanghai Wild Animal Park and they have submitted a permit for 17 elephants and the balance is to go to Yunnan Wildlife Park in China.

We believe that there is a delegation from the Zimbabwe National Parks and the  ZNSPCA who will be travelling to China to inspect the holding pens for the captured animals.

We found that after investigations have been carried out, the poachers that are arrested or shot in the Zambezi area, the weapons are confiscated and handed over to the police. Mysteriously, these very same weapons are ending up back in the hands of the poachers once released.

We sadly have to report that Katanga the baby elephant from Imire Safari Park has recently died…our sincerest condolences to John and Judy Travers who lovingly cared and looked after him.

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