Zimbabweans in Diaspora can send emailed submissions

On the current hearing on electoral reform

parliament-phDear Editor,
Worried that those of us in the Diaspora may be left out in the ongoing public hearings electoral reforms, I wrote to the Clerk of Parliament, copying the Speaker of Parliament, the chairperson of the Parliamentary Portifolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament and the President of the Senate, requesting for those in the diaspora to be given an opportunity to express their views. I suggested that the Portifolio Committee members visit the countries where Zimbabweans are living to do the hearings, but also gave the option for an opportunity to make emailed submissions. The response of the Clerk of Parliament was swift and acknowledged the need for Zimbabwean citizens to air their views on any issue which is before parliament and said Zimbabweans living outside the country could email their submissions to the Clerk of Parliament.
I therefore encourage all those Zimbabweans living outside Zimbabwe who wish to have their views heard to email their views on this topical issue of election reforms to the Clerk of Parliament. I would further suggest that persons submitting their suggestions could copy other relevant officials such as the speaker of parliament, and the chairperson of the parliamentary committee in question to minimise the chances of some of the emaied submissions falling through the cracks.

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