Incessant rains raise a flood scare in Chipinge as Save River overflows

In the face of potential floods due to incessant rains, Platform for Youth Development community monitors are on high alert, tracking the thread of the destruction in Chipinge. Reports that are coming from the monitors are to the effect that unplastered houses and Blair toilets are collapsing in areas such as Rimbi, Muumbe, Zamchiya, Mabee and Chinyamukwakwa.

The rains being experienced in the country since November have left a trail of destruction in Chipinge.

Ward 20 Councillor, Charles Mugidho expressed worry at the rate of the destruction and need for preparedness.

“As I am speaking to you, my ward has already registered 98 homesteads whose houses have been destroyed by the rains. Since the rains have not yet stopped, we are expecting more reports of families needing help” Councillor Mugidho bemoaned.

This is a clear telling sign that there is looming disaster calling for urgent attention. The impact of the rains is clear, the roads are no-longer usable. Birchenough Bridge is in a scary state as villagers around the area are saying they have never witnessed the current water levels.

Our monitors on the ground have made the following reports

  • Chibuwe high school Headmaster, Needmore Maposa escaped death by a whisker when his truck was swept away at Dakate Bridge due to the effects of the overflowing stream.
  • Many families are trying to brave the rains to go to the shopping centres or to grind their maize.
  • Most areas in the valley and along Save River are submerged in the water with houses collapsing including shops. Most households are now stranded and raising alarm for government rescue.
  • Musikavanhu, Chipinge West and Chipinge South constituencies are the most affected with areas like such as Ndunduma, Masimbe, Mbeure, and Chisavanye literally soaked in water.
  • From the 12th of January, the rains have gone non-stop even disturbing the farming activities in the fields.
  • A handful of families like the Muchono and Ngete families in Chibuwe are among the most affected. The situation is untenable and signalling a real disaster” Catherine Vhutuza of Chibuwe, who is a PYD community monitor reported.
  • Save River is already spilling to Tongogara Refugee camp in Chipinge West
  • Chipinge D.A Mr William Mashava has visited some of the victims but no significant intervention has been offered as yet.

Chipinge is not knew to disaster having been a victim of the floods caused by Cyclone Eline in February 2000.These floods that affected the Save valley areas were so destructive leading to deaths, displacements and relocations.

Platform for Youth Development Trust Director Mr Claris Madhuku is supervising the team of community monitors.

“We are raising an alarm to the government of Zimbabwe to be alert and come to the rescue of the victims while preventing further destruction and possible loss of life.

“As community actors, PYD appeals for families with weak housing structurers to leave their areas and seek refuge from relatives in safer places. We also dissuade those who are braving the rains by doing activities outdoors to stop being reckless and value their lives” advised Madhuku.

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