Theatre groups survives attack

Koolnet productions are under attack. It seems that their latest production is making some people very uncomfortable. The actors are living in fear after surviving an attack allegedly carried out by the Feja-Feja. This attack occurred while actors were shooting a new television play that exposes swindlers and their dirty tactics.

The unfortunate incident took place last Tuesday at around 11:00 am. Business came to a total standstill when the Koolnet production team was threatened and intimidated by a very angry group of people.

When this journalist arrived on the scene being a railway line area near VID, he found scores of armed people wielding weapons and harassing the production crew with special emphasis being placed on intimidating the director and videographer, Kudzai Madora and threatening to destroy the camera.

Sporadic vulgar language erupted from the angry Feja-Feja who accused the production company, the actors and the, yet to be released film, Shamiso Mwanangu for trying to kill their business.

This journalist cannot and will not repeat the vulgarities and threats that came from the mouths of the group intimidating the film crew, but needless to say is that what was supposed to be a peaceful video shoot turned into a nasty, violent demonstration.

According to the Josiya Mashora, an actor on the scene, violence erupted when the Feja-Feja leader ordered fellow members of his group to disturb and stop the shoot, claiming that he and his group were acting on a directive from their ‘officer boss’ identified as Jabulani Mpofu.

According to actress, Melody Musara, the perpetrators of the violence were pardoned with a warning by the Gweru Central Police

“We would like to bring to the attention of the custodians of arts and theatre in this county that we as actors face problems. We hope something is done to curtail these incidents and other unfortunate events that befall artists. Maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg,“ said Musara.

Troubled Koolnet actress Beauty Mpofu had this to say: “Honestly it’s not fair. Acting is our business and our work and it is our duty to make people aware of the social ills and risks that challenge innocent citizens. Hundreds of people are losing their hard earned cash through con men and their tricks.’’

Actor, Marvelous Ndlovu echoed these sentiments and demanded protection from law enforcement: “This incident is just the tip of an iceberg, actors and production companies produce films that touch the nerve of social disorders and they are therefore more likely to face threats and persecution from the perpetrators of these social disorders. There is an urgent need to protect production companies and actors,” said Ndlovu.

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