Corrupt City Officials must be brought to book

The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) notes with concern the refusal by top executives at Harare City Council to appear before a tribunal tasked with investigating their defiance of a government directive to slash their hefty salaries.

Despite the government directive to cut the salaries (to $10 450 for the highest earner), top executives at the Harare City Council continued to earn between $12 000 and $21 000 between October 2014 and June 2015 and this cost the Harare City Council more than $500 000.

CHRA is concerned that following the defiance by the top executives, the Harare City Council is set to lose more money which would be paid to the 6 member tribunal whose contract has been extended by a further 3 weeks.

Initially, members of the tribunal were contracted for a period of a month and information gathered shows they were set to receive $6 000 each for that period.

Such open defiance by the city top executives points to organized crime at the Harare City Council which should be thoroughly investigated after which the law should take its course.

Corruption, financial mismanagement and abuse of office have become the norm at the Harare City Council and the development has cost the city millions of dollars at a time effective service delivery is at its low.

CHRA reiterates its position that corruption and financial mismanagement are largely responsible for poor service delivery in Harare and we dismiss sentiments by city officials that non-payment by residents is responsible for the poor service delivery.

It is mind boggling that the Harare City Council would unleash debt collectors on residents yet the local authority has failed to put in place strong mechanisms to guard against abuse of funds by employees.

It is our expectation as residents that the law will take its course and we further urge members of the tribunal tasked with investigating the top executives to carry out their mandate without fear or favour.

Arresting corruption as well as abuse of office at the Harare City Council is the panacea to effective service delivery.

This therefore implies that corrupt officials should be brought to book.

We demand a transparent and accountable leadership that is responsive to the plight of residents.

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