Tuko.co.ke is Equipped with Blogs Now

Visitors of tuko.co.ke come for different kinds of entertainment.

Tuko.co.ke is about to become more frequently visited thanks to blogs. A lot of opinions will be expressed here creating more opportunities to broach any issue.

Who is Suitable for Tuko.co.ke Blogger Network?

All people wanting to have a blog. Content is checked to define whether it is worth visitor’s attention. It goes without saying, interesting and properly written text will be given the green light for posting.

Is it Prestigious being a Part of Tuko.co.ke Blogger Network?

Your own promotion should be the main target. Thus, visitors will spot your name with link for social networks and previously written blogs. There is no payment for submission at our site but more than 5 million readers and nearly 2 Facebook users are the audience that can make you a famous blogger. In addition, our team develop lots of projects and YOU can be the one we need. Therefore, never-ending writing jobs are open to you if you are really eager to work.

How Can You Apply for a Job at Tuko.co.ke Blogger Network?

Send us three pieces of writing exemplifying your experience as a blogger at blogger@tuko.co.ke. In addition, write a bit about yourself outlining your interests and attitude to your work.

Where the Result of Your Online Interview is Revealed?

Our representatives will get in touch with you if your examples fully correspond to the requirements. Don’t be afraid to give it a try!

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