Nothing wrong with asking the President as to who will succeed him?

Nothing wrong with asking the president about when he is going to name his is a fact that someone has to take over from him when he retires. Mr Dube only asked him(president) about when he is going to name his successor, but not for him(president), to name someone to take over his position now. Chimene and Mlala misconstrued Dube’s question .

Tshinga Dube

Chimene and Mlala  are very stupid (feeble mind) to turn against Dube for asking a very straight forward and genuine question. Dube is not a hypocrite who uses the media to air his views, he asked the president himself, and that is good. Chimene and Mlala are into gossip. So ,who among these people would one trust?.And why would they ask Dube to resign?.What for?.

Even the queen of England has already named her successor and there is nothing wrong with that. According to the media ,the question of as to who will succeed the president ,has polarised ZANU PF and GOVERNMENT. That can only stop if the president names his successor. lf he does that ,then everyone will respect his choice and there will be no furore again. And if any people fight about that, then it will be easy to deal with them, because the matter will have been settled. Mandela named Thabo Mbeki as his successor .And also endorsed Jacob Zuma as the successor of Mbeki. That on its own helped in creating solidarity in the ANC. My opinion.

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