Open Letter to Rita Makarau

Dear Rita Makarau

ZEC chairperson, Justice Rita Makarau

The MDC-T was recently in the media demanding that proof of residents was not supposed to deny Zimbabweans an opportunity to vote in future elections. Being always one who wants to find out official positions before entering an argument, I thought I could consult the constitution of Zimbabwe to get what the position is, and develop an informed argument. The MDC-T are right, the constitution of Zimbabwe is very clear that every Zimbabwean should be given the right to vote, as detailed in paragraph 1 of section 67 of the supreme law, which states that

“Every Zimbabwean citizen has the right (a) to free, fair and regular elections for any elective public office established in terms of this Constitution or any other law; and (b) to make political choices freely

Paragraph 3 of the same section when it says subject to this Constitution, every Zimbabwean citizen who is of or over eighteen years of age has the right (a) to vote in all elections and referendums to which this Constitution or any other law applies, and to do so in secret.

The national identification document alone is adequate proof that one is a Zimbabwean, hence there is no need for any other evidence that has to be produced for any citizen of Zimbabwe to be allowed to register to vote. Rita Makarau could be taking instructions from Zanu PF who may have instructed their instruments of repression in the form of chiefs and headman to deny opposition supports letters to prove they reside in a particular area.

Your attempts to deny the citizenry the opportunity to vote through the so called draft statutory instrument that will make it mandatory for all prospective voters to produce proof of residence should be resisted. Does ZEC doubt the authenticity of the national identification documents issued by the Government of Zimbabwe? This is shear madness which should never be allowed.

Please allow reason to prevail.

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