Is there any pure Zulu/Nguni or Ndebele in Zimbabwe?

People must know that in Zimbabwe there is no pure Nguni or Ndebele. When Mzilikazi kaMatshobana fled Zululand, during the time of upheaval(IMFECANE), he, King Mzilikazi, on his way to Mthwakazi, raided other tribes.

For example, the Tswana. He and his warriors took women, children and men. These were assimilated to  that Zulu clan. The  captured women got married to his warriors as they were few women among Mzilikazi’s clan. Those marriages resulted in the birth of many children and his clan grew bigger. When, he and his clan arrived in Mthwakazi (what is now know as Matabeleland), they built permanent houses there. History has it that, the Shona people who had already moved into Zimbabwe, stole the cattle of Mzilikazi’s clan.

As a way of recovering their livestock, they raided the Shona tribe, took cattle, women and children. Again,those people were assimilated to his clan. There were marriages that took place and children were born. The population of Mthwakazi multiplied. I guess this explains that there is no pure Nguni or Ndebele in Zimbabwe. We ought to love each other as Zimbabweans.

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