Zimbabwe cannot afford another five year term under Grace Mugabe rule

Dear Editor,

George Charamba

There is no doubt Grace Mugabe is ruling the country north of the Limpopo called Zimbabwe. The 52-year-old Grace Mugabe, who heads the Zanu-PF women’s league, has become increasingly powerful. Her decisions have carried more weight at times than those of the country’s vice presidents. The way she dressed down George Charamba at a rally in Chinhoyi proves beyond reasonable doubt that she is in charge. 

The Chronicle of 2 July 2016 informed us of Grace Mugabe’s ambition to build Robert Mugabe University at her farm in Mazoe. This she said in a speech she made while officiating at the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce awards ceremony. A few weeks ago, Professor Moyo told a press conference that cabinet had approved the construction of the US$1 billion Robert Mugabe University. So what more evidence do we need that Grace Mugabe is running the country. Robert Mugabe and Grace Mugabe will be the trustees of that university to be build by Government of Zimbabwe money, and will be supported at its infancy by the University of Zimbabwe.
The well aged Robert Mugabe has confessed at a Zanu PF rally that Grace Mugabe controls him. And Grace enjoys that and has told the world that President Mugabe will rule Zimbabwe until he dies, and that if he becomes incapacitated to the extent that he cannot stand on his own, she will buy her a special wheelchair so he can rule from the wheelchair. She knows that that gives her the opportunity to continue ruling us as she is already doing, and in the process continue to plunder the country’s wealth buying more houses in South Africa or Asia, sending her children who are over 18 years to universities outside the country using state money, booking them expensive hotels at the tax payer’s expense, making private foreign trips with over 10 body guards at the expense of the tax payer.
There are better things to spend national resources on rather than build a university in an area that already has two universities, namely the Bindura University of Science Education and the Ezekiel Gutu University which is now operational.
Let us not allow Grace Mugabe another opportunity to rule us for another five year, let us register to vote in our numbers to vote her proxy Robert Mugabe out. It is no secret that the genuine war veterans will vote against Mugabe, so if those who liberated the country say we must vote Grace Mugabe out of power, let just do it. The Locetso function of Zanu PF should join the rest of Zimbabweans in putting an end to this woman’s reign as she is a destructive element.

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