Bounds of Possibility

Predatory politics and the challenges of creating a developmental State in Zimbabwe is my unpublished work which deals with

PDP secretary for finance, Vince Museve

Creating a new narrative
Role of State in development
From indeginisation to empowerment
Private enterprise as Engine of growth
Reviving agriculture
Reindustrialising Zimbabwe
Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Human Capital Development
Food security and poverty alleviation
Turning mining resources into a blessing
Solutions to building a $100bn dollar economy in 15 years.
Creating a new narrative.
Key points:
1. Zimbabwe belongs to all who live in it or were born in it.
2. We have all the skills and resources required to build a formidable inclusive prosperous economy
3. We must learn to be proud of our selves and our country. No space for negativity low self esteem or abuse.
4. We must continually challenge the status quo that is how we grow and develop.
5. We Zimbabweans are responsible for our fate. We must never blame others or play victims of circumstances.
6. It is a lie that only those who participated in the armed struggle have the sole right to lead the nation.
7. Zimbabweans in the Diaspora are our future competitive advantage and legitimate  citizens entitled to same rights and benefits as those at home.
8. We must heal citizens and address all attrocitues of the past.
9. Everyone has something to contribute regardless of race gender religion etc. Politicians do not have all the answers.
10. Zimbabwe can rise again from the ashes but only  through taking reponsibility and collective united action.

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