To Morgan Tsvangirai, Hail, The Sun Has Set Too Early!

By Charles Chidavaenzi

Hail the news you children of the soil
Weep, you daughter of Chihera
Moan, you son of Makumalo
Cry, as the sun has set too early today
Hailing despondency and angst on helpless souls

Shed your tears of anguish, oh Zimbabwe
Your gallant son is no more
Swallowed by the cold , ruthless earth
Taken in the middle of the dawn of day
How cruel, how spiteful the gods can be!

He rose in the middle of the darkest night
Zimbabwe was shackled in chains of despair
Blinded in her delusional existence
Caught up in a web of illusory fables
Told selfishly to mislead the naïve!

Alas, we saw the light, the beauty
Awaiting, embracing all her offspring
The comely Zimbabwe smiled to us
So warm and gentle yet so abused
So tolerant and nurturing yet stripped of her honor.

Fare thee well, gallant fighter
The mantle now rests on us to complete the task
Removing the chains of injustice smothering us
To bear the struggle with fortitude and audacity
As SAVE has always done with tenacity!
Hamba KUHLE idhodha sibili
Fambai zvakanaka Save

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