Ikope has been provisionally suspended from his posts with immediate effect, and has 14 days from June 11 to respond to the charges. He has been charged with breaching Article 2.4.6 of the Code (failure or refusal, without compelling justification, to cooperate with an investigation being carried out by the Anti-Corruption Unit), Article 2.4.7 (delaying an investigation being carried out by the ACU) and Article 2.4.7 (obstruction of an investigation being carried out by the ACU).

This news follows on from former treasurer and marketing director of the HMCA, Rajan Nayar, being suspended from all cricketing activities for 20 years by the ICC in March, for attempting to improperly influence an international match. Nayar accepted all the charges against him.

The incident had taken place in October last year when Nayar approached Zimbabwe captain Graeme Cremer and offered USD 30,000 to engage in corrupt activity. Cremer “immediately” reported to the approach to the ICC, which began an investigation into the matter.