Cricket betting markets

There are more opportunities than ever before to get involved in sports betting, and you’re no longer limited to solely staking bets on football or horse racing.

Cricket is one of the many alternatives, with fans across the world who see a use for the many betting markets on bookmaker websites. Every possible outcome is covered through the options you can bet on, so it’s worth getting involved in it if you’re already a fan of the sport.

Bookmakers allow for any and all outcomes to be covered in the betting markets they provide, making it easier for punters to build their own cricket betting tips from scratch. Markets for betting on football open up the opportunity to back an endless selection of possibilities and horse racing, although more limited, gives punters the chance to back any horse to win or place by any distance. Cricket entertains fewer options but with less to bet on than with football, it’s fair to say that all outcomes are catered for. 

Methods of betting on cricket

As with every different sport that you can bet on, there are two different extremes for the types of bets that you can place. You can take the easy route by simply backing the Match Winner between either side, where the odds will only be large if you’re backing an outsider or choosing one team in a game of two closely matched sides. The other option is to get behind something extremely difficult to predict, like a cricket request-a-bet made up of loads of different outcomes or betting on the 1st ball of the day. All of these potential selections are covered through the Cricket betting tips on Team FA, but it’s far more difficult to pick your own without any guidance.

In-between the two drastically different ways of betting on cricket, you can also build more reliable bets which possess fairly strong odds. This has led a lot of punters to sticking by backing winning margins and handicaps, as it’s a way of predicting the winner of the match, only with a specified deficit added to enhance the odds. For instance, a Match Winner market for a favourite could be set at odds as low as 1/10, but by adding a point handicap for the winning team, you could get your price closer to evens, with the odds being even stronger depending on by how many points you predict that your chosen side will win.

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