Nhimbe Trust and Young Vic Theatre (UK) Collaborate

Following a vivid collaboration in 2017 between the Bulawayo-based Women in Theatre and Television project by Nhimbe Trust and young women of London’s Young Vic Theatre, the continuing artistic collaboration between the two blooms with another exciting exchange this January.

Young women artists of Bulawayo and London in the 2017 “Unified Women Project” – Photo by Mgcini Nyoni

In a new creative partnership with Amakhosi Cultural Centre, Nhimbe Trust will welcome the visitors to meet with their counterparts in Bulawayo and experience a Heritage Tour to the Njelele Shrine led by acclaimed playwright and cultural activist Cont Mhlanga, before embarking on an exercise in improvisation and scriptwriting, sharing feedback and ideas, and finally presenting a theatrical piece in Harare on 24 January at the Afrikera Dance Theatre hub, and at Amakhosi Cultural Centre, Bulawayo, on 25 January.

Other partners in the exchange are long-time and valued Nhimbe associate Afrikera Dance Trust, the British Council, and Daneford Trust.

The Nhimbe-Amakhosi Partnership – For many years Nhimbe Trust and Amakhosi Cultural Centre have worked to build, protect and promote the arts. Nhimbe’s executive director Josh Nyapimbi said “We are humbled by Amakhosi Cultural Centre’s offer to host Bluez Café popup outreach events in a unique partnership between Amakhosi Productions and Nhimbe Trust.” The new partnership holds a strong promise of healthy cooperation for the advancement of the arts in Bulawayo in 2019.

‘Unified Women’ – In September 2017, seven young women artists from South East London and nine from Bulawayo and Harare were hosted by Nhimbe Trust in the project ‘Unified Women’, a collaboration which produced a unique theatre piece exploring topical themes such as migration, conflict, feminism and the ways in which the ideas relate to their life experiences.

At the time the project’s Bulawayo Scriptwriter Noma Damasane said: “Unified Women was an exciting two weeks where, above creating, a sisterhood was formed. Their diverse personalities shone through the various exercises we did and we didn’t want it to end. I would do it all over again!”

Nhimbe Trust and Young Vic Theatre will be doing it again in 2019, another vivid and enriching exchange to inspire the young artists of both cities.

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