This short “cows and goats” animation is the best explainer of Zimbabwe’s currency madness

Zimbabwe’s economic crisis is complex.

Since 2008’s hyperinflation, a brief recovery was thwarted by falling commodity prices, a drought and political instability that has led to an economy spiraling downwards since 2015. The situation has been complicated by the introduction of questionable bond notes, a vulnerable mobile money service, and an ever-changing policy that introduced yet another currency.

While policymakers use technical vagaries to explain away the crisis, an ordinary Zimbabwean has created the most succinct explanation through a two-minute animation.

“I created it because I had the impossible task of explaining what happened to the money to my daughter’s Grade 7 class,”  Kuda Musasiwa told Quartz Africa. “I needed an easy illustration which even a child would understand, with simplification that would still hold true when looked at from an economic lens.”

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