Athletes shaping the future of Zimbabwe

If we face the cold hard facts, Zimbabwe does not have the financial resources that more-developed nations do to improve sport and life in general in their country.

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In 2020, Zimbabwe really is starting to pick up the pace in terms of improving the quality of life and giving athletes the chances they deserve, as seen through the information given here. It’s an exciting time right now for the country, and there are a couple of major athletes who are helping Zimbabwe to develop in these areas.

Let’s find out exactly who is helping to make such radical changes in the country right now.

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Zimbabwe heroes

  1. Serena Williams

Serena Williams isn’t always known for her charity work, but she’s been quietly contributing towards education in Zimbabwe for a while. She has actually been to Zimbabwe herself on numerous occasions, and she has personally stacked bricks on top of each other to help build schools and other education facilities. We can’t confirm exactly why she chose Zimbabwe in the first place, but she’s certainly incredibly generous with both her time and her finances.

She has been working closely with the Build Africa Organization to do these things, but she also has her own ventures on the go to make a difference. She has an entity known as Serena Williams Venture, which aims to assist in helping children make it to college and just generally get more opportunities in life. It truly is remarkable what she is trying to do for the country, which is why she deserves her listing in this article.

  1. Roger Federer

The legendary Roger Federer is our second athlete who is helping to shape Zimbabwe’s future. Of course, he is another high-profile tennis player who has decided to set up his own foundation to work on issues he cares about. The Roger Federer Foundation is another organization that is hoping to revolutionize the education system in Zimbabwe to provide children with more opportunities in life.

His foundation is working extremely closely with ETAS (Education Teacher Association Switzerland) to follow through on his ambitions to help the country. This partnership has already been responsible for building primary schools as well as additional toilet and sanitation facilities for smaller villages. It really is great what he is doing, and we hope he continues to have an engaged interest in the development of Zimbabwe as a whole.

Clearly Federer is a caring and honest person, and between himself and Serene Williams, the net worth tally runs into the hundreds of millions. They both have huge endorsement deals, not to mention the prize money they still make from competing in the sport of tennis. With that said, it’s amazing to see that they are both putting this money towards great causes like helping Zimbabwe to get back on its feet.

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