The Role of Luck in Games

When you are lucky, things are always going to go right

When you make the move to playing in an online gambling environment, there is always going to be a big element of luck and odds. Ever play slot machines for hours on end, only to lose from one machine to the next? Now you have someone else sit down where you were sitting, and they may hit a jackpot on their first spins of the wheels. This is indicative of how luck works in a casino setting. When you are lucky, things are always going to go right, properly in your direction. When things do not go well, though, you will feel like luck is not in your corner.

Scoping out the various online gambling games is important as you want to get a sense of how much skill and how much luck there is with each of the casino games you are playing. You want to break these down so you have that baseline heading into it, knowing how much is luck and how much you can control.


When you think about the game of poker and its odds, it is definitely the one game in the casino where there is not a lot of luck at all. Sure, you do need to have the right cards dealt with you, but there is a great amount of skill that comes into play here. When you play enough hands in poker, your skill is going to outweigh the luck of cards falling in and out of your favor.

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The next game in the list here is going to be that of blackjack. With blackjack, you are going to be heading into a game where you can employ a lot of great strategies, but there will definitely be more luck in play. With blackjack, you can do things such as have a card strategy you are following, bet strategically, etc. If you get no cards dealt your way though you could be out of your bankroll in no time at all. Vice versa if the cards fall your way, luck will land you with a great and profitable night of online gambling.


Craps is where the luck starts to come into play in a casino. Ever see someone throw the dice with some flair, and the numbers come out perfectly every time? This type of hot streak is something we all get on from time to time and it can lead to big profits in the casino. In the end, though, it all comes down to luck.


With roulette, you are not controlling anything except guessing where the little ball is going to land. The dealer is doing the spinning and you have no control over where it lands. The game of roulette is one where if you are lucky you will win big, but it is all luck here.


Slot machines can be so much fun, especially when you are winning. You could get big wins and respins with the Starburst slot and fell like you are on a roll, where nothing can go wrong. You can also end up in a situation where the spins are not going your way. Slot machines are pure luck but the odds will always be in the favor of the house over time.

Casino games are all going to have different varieties of luck to them from one game to the next. There will be games like poker and blackjack where there is more skill in play. Then you look at roulette and slot machines and you see how much luck can factor in. Think through these as you map out where you want to spend your time playing online casino games.

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